Strategy, Market and Business Development Services

Para Bellum Solutions are experts in helping Defence and Space Industry businesses grow. We have extensive experience in assisting SMEs with Australian, United Kingdom and European market entry and development. Para Bellum Solutions has a Defence Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) offering to help your business grow in your target geographic market.

The Australian Government has committed over AUD $270 billion to the Defence & Space sector in the coming years, and the European Union as bloc in conjunction with the United Kingdom are spending in excess of EU €105 billion annually within the sector.

Business development representation for Australian firms in the UK & Europe. Whilst COVID has presented challenges in accessing foreign markets, we have associates located in London and Europe who can represent your business and help in grow in Europe. Our associates have worked in for global Defence management consulting firms based in Europe and Australia and are all former military officers with relevant post graduate qualifications. True experts to help your business grow. We can provide dedicated expert business development staff ranging from 0.1 FTE right through to full time to represent your business in the United Kingdom and European markets. Our associates are well versed in European affairs and have experience with supra-national organizations' such as NATO.

For South Australian firms looking to engage these services we can assist you to secure matched funding of up to $30,000 from the SA Department of Trade & Industry to help provide a more cost efficient service.

Business development representation for UK and European firms in Australia. Para Bellum Solutions has an extensive and impressive network within Australia who have direct experience in the technical aspects of securing Government funding and private alliances with the Primes. We also have associates who are experienced in navigating the complexity of politics in the industry.

Para Bellum Solutions has associates based in London who have worked across the Land, Sea and Space domains. We are able to offer UK and European firms local consultants who have expert knowledge of the Australian Defence market place. Our team located in Australia will then provide business development representation within the market. This is a particularly useful service for the emerging Australian Space sector, systems integration and assisting with participation in the SEA 1000, SEA 5000 and LAND 400 programs. We are also able to advise on M&A activity for new market entrants looking to make Australian acquisitions to expedite their market entry.

Australian Industry Content planning, Industrial Strategy and Advice. Para Bellum Solutions have a number of associates who have worked across Australian Industry Content (AIC) planning. We can advise on how to approach AIC strategy and plans to present to both Governments and the Primes. This service line encompasses capability and targeted investment planning aspects of AIC right through the labour force planning to prepare for labour force competition in areas such as systems integration across the LAND, SEA and AIR domains.

Bid assistance. With our highly skilled associates who have worked across all Defence, Space and Government domains, we are in a unique position to provide bid assistance services. We specialise in helping our clients demonstrate value beyond technical responses. Para Bellum Solutions works with your team to help you demonstrate strategic value that not only provide decision authorities with confidence you understand AIC, but that you can provide innovative way in which to surpass expectations. This includes areas such as transfer of technology, labour force strategy, strategic positioning of employment nodes, capability planning and targeted investments which allow industry to achieve scale and create the potential for exports.

Advice on accessing funding in Australia, the UK and EU. Our associates have worked across a wide variety of government domains. From elected officials, the the Department of Defence, the Single Services and authorities such as the Centre for Defence Industry and Capability (CDIC). Our leadership team also have extensive experience in deal facilitation within the sector. We can provide expert advice on how to navigate the funding landscape.

Our market development services can be charged through a variety of fees ranging from retainer to success, partial government funded and contingency to suit your needs.

For our business development services we would encourage you to get in touch via email at: or call us on +61 412 608 620.